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*Definition: Extimacy - a Lacanian term disrupting the space between the personal and the social.

The (counter)investment in the body as a site of need, desire, and pleasure and the constancy of unmet needs, repressed desires, and the shortcomings of pleasure are articulated in the very endeavor to heal the flesh and redress the pained body. 

Saidiya Hartman

There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard. 

— Arundhati Roy


Virtual consults and sessions for non-profits, groups/communities, and individuals. Please call for rates. Inquire about social justice organizations and communities eligible for solidarity support at rates that meet your budgetary capacities. For individuals, sliding scale options are honored, when available.


Virtual consults and sessions combine tools from my socio-historical, embodied approach to holding space in group fields and the therapeutic encounter. This approach is the culmination of a decolonizing perspective that richly dialogues with Kathy’s Kain’s Somatic Practice, sensorial attunement practices from the Danis Bois Method, and Somatic Experiencing® (SE™). I thus offer a layered framework for sensing into where a group or person feels stuck, unmet or overwhelmed by stresses and injustices, past and present.  Sessions can be described as a practice in deep, relational listening and sensing, facilitated by pausing at intervals to feel into unexpected or unmet states that inhibit the experience or awareness of a group or individual’s potentiality and sense of belonging and purpose. We co-create a process that can support enhanced resilience and sovereignty through embodied regulation, as well as praxis-centered, meaning-making skills. Such supports nuanced, collective and individual capacity to socially, emotionally, somatically, and physically expand and contract in sustainable relationship with the context or needs at hand.   

Underscoring all sessions is a socio-historical, trauma-focused approach.  This approach engages the whole person or group, meaning equal attention is given to individual/familial or group experiences and the broader socio-historical worlds in which individual/familial or group experiences are lived, intergenerationally and collectively.  ‘Socio-historical worlds’ refers to the forms and practices of connection that are relationally situated within an unrepaired world. These connections – which manifest interpersonally, generationally, and socio-politically – dialogue with events that have yet to be consensually co-reconciled and repaired: imperial conquest; violent land dispossession; slavery; colonialisms; genocide; forced and voluntary migrations and refugee phenomena; indenturement; cultural and institutional enforcements of binary sex and gender normatively; cultural, institutional and national practices of racialization and ethnicization; cultural and institutional practices of ability normatively; loss of citizenship and community from geo-political border shifting; and war and environmental crises.  The intention is to not separate, dehistoricize, or hierarchize individual/familial or group experiences from the broader social-historical events and material consequences in which current life is normed and situated; rather, the approach is to understand how everything equally impacts every being and community’s daily life experiences.